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How to taste chocolate like a pro - USA ONLY

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April 17th, Saturday, 3pm-5:30pm, Pacific Time. This 2.5 hour class and tasting is for people that like chocolate and want to dive deeper into understanding how bean to bar chocolate is made. We cover everything from the farm to the factory, Brazilian chocolate, and explore the range in flavors and techniques that affect chocolate quality and flavor. It is an open window into my process of creating new flavors or testing out new cocoa beans.

We will be tasting 5 single estate chocolates that will highlight the terroirs of Brazil - from bright and acidic to brownie and chocolate cake.  I also created 8 special chocolates that have slight defects to train your tongue to understand what it means to taste an under roasted chocolate, over roasted chocolate, and so on. 

This is a class, a tasting, and a presentation that will change your life. :) 

This tasting is limited to 10 kits. 

You do not have to know anything about chocolate or tasting to take this course. Class will be in English. 

All chocolates are 70% cacao and 30% sugar, with the exception of the 100% chocolate. 

This is an online, virtual event - you must have access to the internet and ZOOM. 

All chocolates are gluten free, soy free, and lactose free. 

Items in your kit: 

Full size 60 gram bars:
  1. Catongo, Fazenda Lajedo do Ouro 70%, Silver winner 2017
  2. Amazônia 70%, Gold winner 2020
  3. Fazenda Bonança 70%
  4. Fazenda Vale Potumuju 70%
  5. Fazenda Camboa 70% NI  (secret flavor)
  6. Fazenda Camboa 70% IN  (secret method)
  7. Fazenda Camboa AM 70%
  8. Fazenda Camboa 70%, Gold winner 2018, 2019

Small square samples 5 grams:

  1. Fazenda Camboa 70%, NT
  2. Fazenda Camboa 70%, 12hrs
  3. Fazenda Camboa 70%, 35hrs
  4. Fazenda Camboa 70%, CC
  5. Fazenda Camboa 70%, CR
  6. Fazenda Camboa 70%, QU
  7. Fazenda Camboa 70%, Blend
  8. Fazenda Camboa 70%, LI
  9. Fazenda Camboa 100%
  10. Fazenda Camboa 70% insect

Pinch of this:

  1. Flat and puffed cacao bean
  2. Unroasted cacao
  3. Roasted cacao
  4. Cacao nibs
  5. Cacao husk
  6. Cocoa powder
  7. Cocoa butter
  8. Cocoa liqour

Price: $245 usd, includes shipping. USA only. Payment will be processed via paypal or Zelle. Please send an email to if you would like to participate and I will send you a link for payment. 

This kit is made for 1 human but has enough chocolate for 2 to 3 people to participate in the tasting. 

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